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I'm a first generation daughter of immigrants. I seek to convey information clearly, concisely and compellingly. Having traveled to 18 different countries, I've found that one need not stray too far from home to find a compelling story to share.

I was a photojournalist for my hometown newspaper, Chico-Enterprise-Record. In 2018, I covered the Camp Fire, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history.


My newsroom became a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize for our coverage of the disaster. The first time I entered that newsroom, I was an elementary school student on a field trip. Today, I'm on a team of Pulitzer finalists. My passion for storytelling may have subconsciously sparked during that field trip.

More recently, I covered the North Complex Fire, the fifth deadliest wildfire in California history. My father's store burned in that fire. Suddenly, my family was in the story I was covering.


Today, I'm pursuing a master of fine arts in film and television production from the University of Southern California. Storytelling is crucial. The world will always be full of the good and the bad. The the good and the bad alike must be shared. Information transforms perspectives, leading people to action. And by extension, makes the world a better place.

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